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Vermanser Import and Export management Services


Our Business Mission
We operate as a modern export management service company with the mission to build an international business community consisting of export minded manufacturers, importers and distributors, who are committed to the following values; reliable partnership, friendly and long-term working relationship, environment friendly conduct, superior product and service quality, social responsibility towards their customers. Reliable partners cooperating on a mutual benefit bases realizing the success of each other inspired by the tremendous future opportunities ahead.


Business Purpose
Our company’s business purpose is to assist export minded manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors, with appropriate export management practices to enable them to identify the right markets for their first class quality, ready to export products & services that customers wanted to buy. Empowering them to apply new and better ways to distribute their products on the identified markets with the objective to build solid market position and a long-term profitable export business.


Who we are?
We are forward thinking idea pioneers, early adopters constantly searching for new discovered possibilities, products, services, technologies that create wealth for and or that contribute to the growth of our customers. We operate as your market wise export manager by providing exports management services to specially those manufacturers who want to become an export champion. This against reasonable terms and competitive service tariffs.


We can assist your company with the following services:

  1. the development of your  export management plan and the transformation of  it into reality
  2. the development and guidance of your distribution network in the Netherlands,European market, with the objective to build solid market position and a long-term profitable export business.
  3. The identification, recruitment, selection, and appointment of the appropriate importers, for your products.
  4. The promotion of your products on the Dutch, European market.
  5. The arrangement of your required business financing
  6. The introduction of equipment lease vendor program to promote the sales of your products like: (heavy) equipment, industrial plants.
  7. Presenting competitive quotations directly from the manufacturers   we work with for the products you want to buy.

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General export management services  planning.

Website building, maintenance, Social media,Online branding, Interim export management, Coaching, Personal training, export sales promotion, Set up of your distribution network


Target audience.

We prefer to work with credit worthy companies interesting to build a mutually beneficial long term working relationship.

Medium Size Small enterprises who want to expand their export activities, with high quality products-which comply with the international standards, interesting to establishment joint venture partnership, with minimum budget available to cover the professional assistance start-up costs.

Seeking professional assistance to Improve their quality management.


Our Pricing Policy.

We apply a reasonable pricing policy. We can’t work for free, and you can’t expect us to finance your business activities.

Our pricing can be divided in three parts: start up, fixed costs and profit compensation. Start up and fixed costs in the first phase has to be paid by the product owner and (profit) compensation for our services will be arranged on sales commission bases. This will provide a solid basis for the development of a  long term working relationship. By aligning both parties interest in this way this will enable both parties growth into an efficient manner.

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