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Name: Veronica Management Services

Abbreviation : (Ver.Man.Ser.)

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Mother Company : Artiqo Vastgoed BV – Financial Holding Company, established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Veronica Management Services 


we are a Globally

Management, Marketing, AgencyProduction


Service Company

After many researches and Inspirations

We are convinced that every one with suitable coaching, guiding, management and finance, who is committed to their goals and hold to the discipline require! will be able to realise their dreams, like enjoying a lasting; genuine, successful business, healthy, wealthy, happy family and more joyful life enriched with love, happiness, prosperity and ultimately a better world for all.

However is not easy neither difficult, only a great challenge that many have tried, some with great result some lesser great result and for us! is a challenge we like to take on.

We innovate, create and workout possibilities on goals and set of values within our network.

Our focus is on entrepreneurs, companies, corporations, high net worth people interesting in innovative secured (private) “Wealth Building” to create, restore and or improve their socio economic position, a wealthy, happy and more joyful life, who are seeking financial independence and professional support to turn their “ Wealth Building” dreams into reality.

We are committed to apply reasonable commercial efforts to provide a professional, upright, friendly service in secure manner to our customers by offering our products which comply with the globally standards against competitive similar services/product.

We base our decisions on building a long-term mutual beneficial relationship with our customers, which we believe aligns our goals with the interests of our customers. Our service policy is based on doing what we believe is the best for our customers.


The mission of Ver.Man.Ser. is to become one of the best internet technology service providers to support our company and JV-partners with advanced Internet technology to build & keep a leading market position.

 Outlook & Purpose

During the next years it is foreseen that irrevocable changes will take place in the internet world with far reaching financial economic consequences. Taking this outlook in account our main purpose will be to empower the interesting companies to handle these changes in an appropriate and timely manner to enable them to take advantage here off.

 JV partnership

We welcome;  intelligent, reliable, loyal, innovation minded, creditworthy entrepreneurs, principals, companies with an excellent product/service & investors, seeking  mutually beneficial JV partnership.


With permanent leadership quality improvement backed up by applied advanced internet technology we will be able to attract the right customers, work smarter, faster to build and keep a leading market position



He is entrepreneurial minded, Innovative, forward thinking & multicultural personality, Coming from Dutch nationality, an experienced entrepreneur that holds a Community development and Business management, wright, read & speak 4 different languages; English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu (One of the Caribbean native language from the Island Curaçao) cooperative team player with a goal driven attitude flavoured by a sense of humor.

He have the required experience with global trade practices to assist interesting customers in building solid and profitable business..



Mr. R. Marlin.

Managing Director



Mc.Cartny Stewart @ The Office

As an entrepreneur that travel in many branches, like; Entertainment Producer, Music Producer, Music Teacher, Multi Instrumentalist, Sound Engineer, Manager in many Branches of business exploring, sharing, dealing, building and combining with others keeping developing the best services for our clients,we (Mr.R.Marlin & me) are striving in making it both easy to understand for our clients & suppliers,building a great relationships true understanding their needs combining them with our experience, knowledge, network and technology for a great result.                                                     For several years now I worked as an Web Developer & Designer (WP) (CMS) (GPLv3) (PHP), Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Social Media and Marketing Manager and Online Marketeer at a financial management and consulting firm.
During my self-study which online is not hard to find about these days, especially at this time in history of human evolution, The next level! I have gain different experiences with different companies, unfortunately I can not show all of them because of confidentiality obligations.
The experiences I have gained is all useful in different functions of Business Online services and experiences that I can still continue to develop in production world for myself and you, our client or business partner.



Mr. Mc. Stewart.

Web‎ Developer & Designer‎‎ (WP)(CMS)(GPLv3)(PHP)

SEO Developer

ECommerce Developer

ECommerce Manager

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Marketing & Communication

Multi Instrumentalist

Sound Engineer

Entertainment Producer

Executive Producer

Our company management is also further reinforced by a network of professionals.

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