I Need Bank Guarantee – BG/SBLC

BG – Bank Guarantee

SBLC – StandBy Letter of Credit 

For Lease or Discount Purchase

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Are You Seeking BG / SBLC For Lease/ Discount Purchase?

We are next to mandate of provider of fresh cut cashed backed

bank instrument for lease/sale, like BG,SBLC, Issued  by  Barclays, RBS,

Deutsche Bank or any top 25 world banks.

no upfront payment,

lessor’s/seller  bank sends SWIFT MT799 PRE-ADVICE

at leasing price of from 5+2% of Face Value,

at discount selling price 50+2%  or running down up to 35% + 2%  of the Face Value

depending on the contract amount.

Compliance Know Your Customer:

       1.      Lessee issues a full intake package in English duly completed

               in all respects and signed with buyer’s full banking coordinates to include:

        1.1    Acceptance letter from the investor to issue MT799 POF (read model)

        1.2   Client Information Sheet (CIS)

        1.3    Corporate Resolution (CR)

        1.4    Non-Solicitation Statement (NS)

        1.5    Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND)

        1.6    Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA)

        1.7    Lessee Signatory and Color Copy of Passport

        1.8    Lessee Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

        1.9    Recent Bank statement

Transaction Procedure:

  1. Lessor and Lessee execute, sign and initial this Deed of Agreement which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. No Conference call between the bank officers before the bank investor issues the MT799 POF.
  2. After signing the agreement and simultaneously or latest within 2 banking days with the return of the agreement by the lessee, lessee’s bank will send SWIFT MT799 PROOF OF FUNDS to lessor’s bank (Stating funds availability to lease instrument) ,within 2 banking days of the receipt of the lessee’s bank SWIFT MT799 PROOF OF FUNDS, lessor’s bank sends SWIFT MT799 PRE-ADVICE RWA VIA Swift (Readiness Willing & Able ) to lessee’s bank ACKNOWLEDGING CAPACITY TO DELIVER BG VIA MT760 to lessee’s bank,within 3 banking days of the receipt of the SWIFT MT799 PRE-ADVICE RWA via SWIFT MT799 from lessor’s bank, lessee’s bank issue ICBPO  (Irrevocable Conditional Bank Pay Order) to lessor’s bank covering leasing  fee and lessor’s agent commission and lessee’s agent broker commission,within 2 banking days of the receipt of the MT799 ICBPO (Irrevocable Conditional Bank Pay Order ), Lessor’s bank issue MT760 BG to lessee bank for confirmation and authentication.
  3. Lessor will issue & deliver the SWIFT MT760 BANK GUARANTEE to Lessee’s bank for authentication & verification of the Bank Guarantee in favor of Lessee.
  4. Within 3 banking days of confirmation and verification of the lessor’s swift MT760 BG,full payment of 5% is released to the lessor, plus 2% commission to lessee’s and lessor’s agent in the IMFPA,after receipt,confirmation and authentication of the lessor’s BG MT760.
  5. Within 5 banking days after confirmation of receipt of payment of the leasing fees, the lessor will deliver the hard copy of the BG MT760 to the lessee’s bank via bank bonded courier.


Abbreviations: SBLC – Standby Letter of Credit


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