(Mr.D.) Mr. Devotion (Short version) Biography

Mc.Cartny Stewart @ The Office

Mc.Cartny Stewart.

Mc.Cartny Stewart (Maiky/Micky/Mick for some) was born in Curacao in May 1972.

When Maiky was just a young boy, his mother, Angela Josefina, became a very devoted follower of the SDA church, and through that Maiky was introduced to a whole new world.

A world full of faith, healthy diets, solid educations, music, dance, art, and social interaction.

At the young age of 5 Maiky had to experience the death of his father. Through this experience his mother’s church, and their way of life, started to feel like home to Maiky.

In the late 70’s the SDA church, Santa Rosa, was under the supervision of Evelien Isenia. (Who would become his first entertainer mom) She put together a music, and art project for kids, and teenagers. By qualifying through auditions, and practice tests, Maiky, became part of that project.

The piano was Maiky’s instrument of choice, but his mother was not a wealthy enough woman to afford one, so instead he had the opportunity to learn how to sing, act, write poetry, play the guitar, synthesizer, and keyboard.

At the end of the 70’s the SDA organized one of the biggest gospel choir events. It was held on a Christmas in a theatre, Centro Pro Arte, in Curacao. There were Gospel choirs from the United States, South America, and other neighborhood Caribbean Islands. At that event Maiky had the pleasure of meeting Hendrey Isenia, trough who maiky had the opportunity to enter the music academy of Curacao. (at that time known as CCC (Curacao Cultural Centrum)) This marked the beginning of Maiky’s career as an entertainer.

In the early 80’s Maiky was part of several art, and entertainment events.

He was also a musician in the group of El Nuevo Amanecer. Through that he was learning the business aspect, without even knowing it himself.

At the same time Maiky had the opportunity to learn music from (to him) some of the greatest musicians of that time.

His  biggest influences growing up were: Wendel Isenia, Israel Leitu,Moises Ramos and Quincy Jones (one of Maiky’s biggest idols of all time) and ……….. many more.

Other important influences were:

Hendrey Isenia, Elvoy Isenia, Edwin Cassimiri, Humphrey Kerkeboom, Los Embajadores Del Rey, Carlos Davelaar, and his music group El Nuevo Amanecer, Edgar De Palm, H. Kowsoleea, Ced Ride, Edsel & Juni Juliet, Rudy Plater, Lesly Vos, Darwin Greg,Lou Prince, Doble R, Babalu, Yellowman, DJ Moortje,  Oscar De Leon, Pastor David Castro, and Jessy

At the age of 17 Maiky moved to The Netherlands, and took up the name: Mr. Devotion. (Mr.D.)

Living in a new country that had so many genres of great music, and art history, Mr.D. had no idea what to do with his talents. So he continued to play music at his aunt’s church. (who he was living with at the time) One day Mr.D., and a couple of close friends were practicing their music in a public park, and were approached by a man whom offered to pay them to play at his mother’s birthday party. From that day forward Mr.D. started meeting other musicians outside of the church. One of those musicians was Fifi Adamus, who was part of the foundation Kibra hacha. (located in Utrecht)

Through him Mr.D. was able to meet Aquino, (music teacher, saxophone player, and steel player) Mou Jansen Musicians, (community server, and steel pans maker) and through those chain of events Mr.D. had the pleasure of meeting Julian Coco. (one of the greatest guitar players in The Netherlands Antilles Waltz) Through whom he had the opportunity to travel all over the world in one of the greatest Steel band combo Barika hill”.

Within that group Mr.D. worked as the composer, bass player, and from time to time as the guitar player.

They even appeared on a TV show called “Sound Mix Show”. (a show hosted by Henny Huisman in the early 90’s) Since then Mr.D. has been in several bands, and groups, as a multi-musician and/or arranger.

Not long after the people Mr.D. had grown to love as his family started their own foundation.  In this foundation Mr.D. was working as the the secretary as well as the composer, and arranger.

They did events, and theatre shows all over The Netherlands.

The foundation had theatre shows, music events, and dance events.

At that time Mr.D. was a dancer, musician, and a starting producer.

Mr.D., and his foundation had a dance group that won the award for “best Lambada dance group” for the year 1990.

After moving to The Hague in pursuit of expanding his talents, Mr.D decided to give music lessons, and start his own band(s). Mr.D. had groups from several cultural, and music styles.

He had bands varying from reggae to latin, to caribbean, to pop, to rock, to jazz, and big band.

In The Hague Mr.D. learned more about his father’s side of the family.

When Mr.D. met his uncle, Jan Stuart, it didn’t take long for them to start doing music gigs together.

Jan Stuart also introduced Mr.D. to Leandro-leo Lauffer.

Leandro-leo Lauffer was one of the main reasons Mr.D. started as an Entertainment producer.

He introduced Mr.D. to a lot of famous artist.

To name a few: Edsel Juliet, The Golden Earing guys, Anouk, Lionel Richie and, Tina Turner and many others.

Since the early 90’s Mr.D. has worked with organizations, people, bands, and groups like:

Kibra hacha

Fifi Adamus (R.I.P.)


Mou Jansen

Barika hil

Gilbert Molina

Eugenie Susana

Ompi Stefania

Julian Coco (R.I.P.)

Patrick Meyer

Jan Stuart (R.I.P.)

Bobby Alee

Norman Alberto ( Jackson)

(Chik) Alberto


Golden Earing 

Edsel Juliet

Ruben La Cruz (MC.Pester)

Ross en Iba


Leandro-leo Lauffer  (and several of his groups)

Anouk  (before the fame)

Kane (Before the fame)

Stichting Nuestra Patria

Moore Caribbean TV

Tiny Records

Masta ( Sjacky)

Several Churches and Organizations

Stichting Juliana Kinder Fonds


De Paap

Café de Pather,

And many others.

While Mr.D. was going to entrepreneur school, and working he had an accident that forced him to take a break from his hectic life.

Around 1998 Mr.D. Decided to take a new route, and started to learn about entertainment managing, sound engineering, and entertainment producing.

Mr.D. attended a project at, Kunstenaar en Co, and Ntb. (Nederlands Toon Kunstenaar Bond)

After Mr.D. finished that Mr.D. started as a entertainment producer.

Over the following years Mr.D. started

  • a recording studio, (So What Studio Production)
  • a dance school, (Arevik)
  • a hairdressing salon. (Mary Coiffure Haarmode)

Through a family on his father’s side, Mr Edison Faneyte, (Coyote) Mr.D. was introduced to Kenneth Rangelroy. (Kenny Green)(a big entertainment promoter and artist manager) At the time Kenny Green was the owner of Urban Vibes, and 2Way Store.

Together Mr.D., and Kenny Green decided to start a new entertainment event in The Netherlands.

The Entertainment event was meant to give partygoers a good time, and for Mr.D., and Kenny Green to spot undiscovered talent.

Mr.D., and Kenny Green came up with:

Mega R&B party

Use To be seen on:

With this they had created a whole new system.

After a few years of working they came out with:

DJ, Chuckie 

The group:



The unknown Fugitive From Hell (that later was split into: Immorales, Dogg Team and others).

Remix Crew

And many more

Through that Mr.D. had accomplished a part of his goal.

Since 2005 Mr.D. has done lots of traveling, and has been contemplating, and preparing his next big endeavor.

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