Business Financing 4 All – Financial Possibilities Campaign


Business Financing 4 All – Financial Possibilities Campaign

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After the Global financial/economic crisis in “08 irreversible changes  has occurred in the businesses financing industry and still are more and more changes are ongoing nowadays and in the future.

On the other hand a lot of (New) companies are unable to attract the required financial resources to start up new ventures or for the expansion of their business (activities).

We from Ver.Man.Ser. have seen an opportunity to be part of a train that is heading up and fast.

We want to share this opportunity with you, so you can experience it yourself and continue to inspire others with your achievements

Are you a :

  • Business Man or Woman
  • Hotel Owner (with ballroom or a big dining space without (insufficient) events ?
  • Restaurant Owner (with a big dining space without (insufficient) events ?
  • Real Estate Agent or Owner (With lots of contacts looking for other financial possibilities) ?
  • Marketing Agent (With lots of contacts looking for other financial possibilities) ?

Do you know

  • A Person
  • A Business Man or Woman
  • A Business

That have some extra Finance, Cash/Money and are looking for an investment or profit possibilities for their :

  • House Renovation (With Pool)
  • Plane
  • Jacht
  • Vacation
  • New Ventures
  • Expansion of Business
  • Reinforcement of their equity position
  • Pension Plan for your or their employees


After many advise and searching

  • You still don’t know who or which one of the financial possibilities out there to trust ?
  • You’ve checked our site and think I don’t have that kind of financial possibilities neither resources?
  • Or you think! maybe together with some else I could get the half of it ?

We can help you be part of this opportunity through many of our Live and OnlineFinancial Possibilities Campaign, we have one for the small businesses it all depends for how long the PPP is, for this exclusive opportunity that we are invite you to try is only 10 months.

This One Is For Only 10 Months,

On this program we will explain and walk it through every step, after it is clear to you, you can start planning about your extra profit

In this program we will have Online and Live workshops about;

  • Networking while you are learning how making more profit
  • Think responsable in and around your own communities as well as businesses
  • Work Together, Buy In Together, Sales Together

Cause The Main thing about your insufficient amount and able to be part in this program

Is that through the program you will meet others who are just like you,

searching for that secure private investment or another way of making extra profit.

most of you will begin as strangers and by the end of the program

will leave as friends or beginning of a long term mutually beneficial relationship

An Example, Lets just say

That you know some People or Business (Owner):

  • That have about € 50.000 – € 90.000  – € 110.000 or € 2350.000
  • and the others with that amount obtainable! or in the same ball park.
  • want to participate in this unique opportunity and doesn’t  have that amount of money to participate only about € 167.000 – € 84.700  – € 135.000 or € 193.000

We will teach and guide your friends, clients and guest so there will be a better understanding or clarification on the procedures

we can provide and how to know what else is out there and which one we are practicing with you

We will have workshops on

  • Building teams
  • Saving money while making money
  • Expanding your business according your clients needs
  • Which gadgets will help you and your business best
  • Contributing in my environment
  • Creating organizations helping maintain community structure
  • Nature/Characteristics of the services
  • Market Research by PR
  • Marketing Officer/Agent)
  • What does PR/ Marketing officer/agent)
  • USPs (unique selling propositions/points
  • Benefits for PR/ Marketing officer/agent)
  • Benefits for the potential small investors/clients
  • Business Financing solutions
  • And many others

With our BF4 All programme Live and OnlineFinancial Possibilities Campaign you can be clear on where you are headed from the start as our Business Partner and what you can offer to your friends, clients and guests

We will help you put in place an action plan that will ensure you know what to do from day one.

The right programme to meet your needs, and achieve the results you desire.

Determine a goal setting strategy and ensure that you are moving in the right direction and at the right pace.

help you invest with greater clarity, motivation and self-belief in both life and in business.

investment journey and achieve the greatest possible results in the shortest possible time,

can help you build a profitable business, generate greater satisfaction, and motivation.

If you are serious about taking control the financial future of your business, but want help in determining a strategy and setting your  goals.

That’s why we are inviting you to the launching of this new Live and OnlineFinancial Possibilities Campaign” (we have many more programs) This small one is for only 10 months.

In this campaign we will explain about financial possibilities through combination with our services/products.

Anyone that can meet the terms and agreement of this program can and will part of it with your help.

How can you help or be part of the solutions while making more  money ?

There are many private investment programs

you can add more special program to your empty spaces (working time and or working space (insufficient) events)?

What do you need.

You will Need:

  • A place to attend your invited (guests) target group
  • To have some financial program or presentation for your own portfolio (people will understand your position better in all this Live and OnlineFinancial Possibilities Campaign promotion)
  • Professional technical system for this Live and OnlineFinancial Possibilities Campaign program
  • A Google account (personal and or business)
  • To promote your event on your own Website, Social Media, The Internet Of Things, Business Magazine, Radio & TV include our live online presentation (from other country live through online connection)

What are we offering and what we are looking for

We are Offering:

  • A chance for you to make your own name and money as well be part of a new way of financial and social programs that gonna be the new way of financial promotion in years to come, (stand out from the crowd)
  • A program to fill in your business days without (insufficient) events ?
  • A dining and investment event with technical innovations for your social and online spectrum
  • A creative ways to know your (new) client’s needs and where you can financially assist them better

We are looking for

  • A group of people that wants to invest or making more money
  • A group that have to have together a minimum of € 250. 000
  • A place that needs to be on our technical standards (check further down in this document for more details)
  • You! to have to be able to have Google account and work with google and its services, like Google drive, hangouts and so on

To Achieve It All In One On a

Innovative, Professional, Intellectual, Mutually and Beneficial level Together:

  • For this program only we will take payment from 20% of your total approx. fix amount for us (that’s a bonus) the rest for yourself (from each clients)
  • We will check all clients against all payments
  • Material will be giving to the clients during the program and workshops


  • What are my cost ?
  • Is it good enough for me to combine it with my business ?
  • How much will I make ?
  • Can I work with another business partner (to save cost) ?

Our program and workshops will include many financial possibilities, services and or products from various private investments programs, bank systems, bank managers rolls, business ways of working together and saving more money together, (brands, types and so on).


  • Purpose of Promotion Campaign
  • Determine Target Audience
  • Professional Technical System
  • Program Location & Costs
  • The Program and Your Own Budget

After the program we will continue with the next part of our mutual beneficial relationships

we will check up on how did you continue with your growth.

We will deal with the growth of your business, the management, the structure of you as a owner, gifts, awards and other winning contest events through our services and network, we would like to have you in our company family.

Our bank information will be given to you after the PPP Registration on our website have been fulfilled.

We have own technical system with special thanks to our professional network to:

  • Rent

  • Lease

  • Buy


Incase of any form of misconducting with other people trust and money ?

We will Post your Face, Image and Informations Online and Alert The Proper Authorities!

 •*   This is a Exclusive Business Financial Opportunity. *

We have an Enquête as guideline!

For a mutual beneficial relationship!

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