Frequent Ask Questions.(FAQ)

8) Frequent Ask Questions. (FAQ)

  1. Which kind of projects – businesses can be funded? Funders fund a wide range of projects. You name it, any type of legal funding inquiries not limited to any economic sector will be considered. As long as the Client’s bank endorses the loan as required will be sufficient security for funder investors to get their money back at the end of the Loan.
  2. Which kind of fees will be involved. Commitment fee, Marketing agent fee and funders arrangement Fee.
  3. Which is the commitment Fee amount? Depending of your Loan amount Commitment Fee may vary from $£ 5.000.00 up to 60.000 The Commitment Fee is the ONLY Fee payable after the Client Accepts funder LOI.
  4. How Marketing agent fee and funders arrangement Fee will be paid. Marketing agent fee (1%) has to be included in the loan amount directly paid by the client’s bank when funded as agreed. Funders arrangement Fee (4% and the Accrued annual Interest will be added to the loan amount as will be stated in the funder’s LOI.
  5. Why commitment Fee? This to express client real commitment towards the acceptance of the agreed loan amount and to enable funder to prepare and sign the facility Letter, the bills of exchange and arrange the other funding documents. Original docs will be sent by fast courier to the Client and to his bank for signing.
  6. Funding request from which countries will not be accepted? Funder does not accept funding inquiries from the USA or Countries that have Exchange Controls for Transferring Foreign Currency abroad.