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Ver.Man.Ser. can provide these services in suitable manner against a competitive tariffs.

To enable you to accomplish goals, realize your vision.


What does we expect from our clients?

We are interesting to work with Creditworthy, Business minded customers,

Medium Size Small Enterprises, with viable Business Plan, realistic expectations, committed to success, ready willing and able to undertake the required steps, to contribute their part, to pay the related  service costs /charges involved, to enable the agreed performance to take place. accomplish the agreed targets.


What kind of service can our clients expect from us?

We believe our customers may desire  the best service from us.

We are committed to provide  a suitable, excellent service and good quality:

  • Business Management
  • Business Financing  & Investment
  • Professional Assistance
  • Business Advice
  • Marketing
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Support


  • Acquire the required Business financing,
  • Improve your personal and or company management quality and or to upgrade your online marketing of your company.

So Are you Seeking for;

  • Equity financing  minimum  €uro 5M  up to
  • Business Loan minimum  €uro 5M / up to
  • Business Management Services
  • Online Marketing Services


  • Do you already have a profitable business proposal
  • Do you have negotiation authority/
  • Do have a ready to finance Business plan available?
  • Do owned a minimum cash amount of €350.000 to handle your financing request
  • Do have  any other collateral to secure your financing request
  • Do  you Need a Joint Venture Partner
  • You are Ready, willing and able to Pay related Consultancy services.



  • Full Business Management  (planning & execution, web service and maintenance)
  • Business Partner Management ( lessons, coaching, guiding, building/creating, planning & execution,  web service and maintenance)
  • Franchise Partner Management ( lessons, coaching, guiding, building/creating, planning & execution,  web service and maintenance)
  • Profession Partner Management ( lessons, coaching, guiding, building/creating, web service and maintenance)
  • Self Employed Management ( planning & execution, building/creating, web service and maintenance)



  • Business planning & execution.

Helping entrepreneurs to Create their strategic  Business plan to

secure funding. Therein after supporting with the designing of action

plan, identifying, setting company priorities, steps, tasks to achieve

the  concerning objectives



  • Business Financing 


Helping managers, Principals, entrepreneurs, directors to acquire

the required equity financing to fortify their equity position, finance

the growth of their company, seeking project funding, funds to

refinance their current debt, Establishing Joint venture, revenue

sharing partnerships with potential investors



  • Business Investment


Managing the funds from private and corporate investors who are seeking profitable investment opportunities.

Handling Investment inquiries directly with private and corporate investors we are working with.

Financial engineering with companies seeking investors interesting in equity investment and profit sharing.



  • Professional Assistance


Temporarily taking seat in a board of directors/ supervisory board with the objective to

reinforce the Company management team with certain knowledge, knowhow,

experience or to execute a specific agreed task


  • Business Advice

upon request accessing specific management policy topics decision

has to be taken. Presenting a number of decision making options out

of which the right decision would be taken.



  • Marketing


Helping our customers to improve their marketing policy, market

position, increasing turnover, in the rapidly evolving marketplace



  • Business Coaching


Coaching of  (assistant) managers, Principals, entrepreneurs ,

directors to improve their skills with the objective to maximize their

management results.

Coaching of  (assistant) managers, directors concerning  their

career issues, to increase their career chances, empowering

them to transform their career dreams into reality.



  • Business Support


Supporting forward thinking Medium Size and Small Companies with

growth, leadership ambitions with; Leadership quality, service quality,

productivity, profitability improvement, Innovation, programs to

become a leader in their market and keep their leadership position



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