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Website Planning Outlook

When you decide to have a website for your business or personal interest there are a number of things you have to consider before you start actually building your website. Website planning has various steps:


1. Purpose of Website


Why are your building this site?

The first step of website planning should be deciding on the purpose of the website.

Determine what it is that you wish to accomplish with the website.

Taking the time to clearly define the purpose of the website will affect how successfully you reach the goals you set for the project.


2. Determine Target Audience


What is your target audience?

Ask yourself, “Who is going to be looking at my site?”

Now ask, “What technologies will your visitors have?”

When planning a website you need to assess what the target audience will be, what technologies their systems will have and what their computer experience before you can decide on your website technologies.

Determining your target audience during the website planning stage will give you a wealth of information that can be used as the website is further developed. This information can be used when deciding on which website technologies to incorporate, the type of website features you need and what the target audience is looking for.


3. Website Technical Considerations


Ask yourself, “What technologies do I need?”

The website technologies you will require will depend on the type of website you are building and what type of audience you have decided to target and accommodate.

Have your list of website technologies required ready before you move to the next step, securing hosting.


4. Website Hosting Costs


Website hosting costs influenced by website planning.

Your hosting costs are influenced by all of the above. When planning a website be sure that . web host has room to grow with your site.

Are there features included with a slightly more expensive hosting package that you will need in the future?


5. Website Budget


Ask yourself, “What is my budget?”

When planning a website, budget can be a determining factor as to what features the website will have.

Seriously assessing what you can do yourself and what you need help with will affect the website budget.

As you can see, website planning has a number of steps to go through before actually building the website. The more time you spend on website planning, the better results you will get meeting your website goals, meeting your target audience’s expectations, invest in the right website technologies, select the right website hosting package and remain within your website budget.


Website Technologies – Website Planning

Website planning needs to consider what website technologies the site will require or incorporate.

Ask yourself, “What website technologies do I need?”

What Website Technologies Do I Need?

The website technologies required will depend on the type of website you are building and what type of audience you have decided to target and accommodate.

Website Planning for Sites Involved in Ecommerce

Website planning with regards to Ecommerce would have to consider website technologies such as shopping carts, secure servers, customer payments and shipping issues.

  • Are you hosting your own shopping cart or using a third party shopping cart?
  • How are my visitors going to pay for the merchandise?
  • Does my web host have secure servers or will a third party service be required?
  • How is shipping to be handled?

Website Planning – Communication Website Technologies

Website technologies for communication with the target audience would include email, auto responders, email forwarding, mailing lists, guestbooks, forums, bulletin boards, chatrooms and/or blogs.

  • How many email accounts are required?
  • Do you need Auto Responders?
  • Email forwarding?
  • Is there going to be a mailing list?
  • Should the website include a guestbook, forum, bulletin board, chatroom or blog or use a third party for these features?

Website Planning – Advanced Website Technologies

Advanced website technologies may be at an additional cost. The type of database, web programming type and whether FrontPage extensions are used can all affect the cost of website hosting.

  • Does the website need a database? SQL or MySQL?
  • Are you going to use ASP, PHP or some other web programming feature?
  • Are FrontPage Extensions required?
  • Will there be any Web 2.0 applications used?

Website Planning – Website Graphics

The size and type of website graphics used on a website may not exactly fit in the website technology category as far as a technical issue but if the website uses a lot of images then a large amount of webspace will be required. Images use a lot of bandwidth so having the technology to reduce/optimize images does come into play.

  • What graphics are going to be included? Flash? Animated gifs? Static graphics?
  • Are your existing graphics (logo etc.) in a suitable format for the web?
  • If you use Flash or some other media requiring special software is your target audience going to already have the software installed on their machine? Are there going to be different versions of the media for the different types of software? These extra website technologies do require more website hosting space and bandwidth.

Website Planning – Webspace Host Operating System

Once the website technologies are decided on that will be incorporated into the website you will have to look for a web host that has the correct type of operating system. Website technologies such as PHP and MYSQL usually are used on a Linux operating system. Where as ASP, SQL,

Net and Frontpage extensions are Microsoft specific technologies and are usually on a Windows based server.

  • What operating system will your hosting company have to have?
  • Can the website technologies chosen be run on the operating system offered?


The Cost:

On average, the following minimum figures can be applied to estimating the cost of a small business website (if you’d like a custom estimate for your website, plus 21% Value Added Tax to be counted. Mail us ………

  • Domain Name – €10/year
  • Hosting – €10 to €100 a year (depending on traffic and hosting services)
  • Web Planning, Design and Development Time – 60 hours and up
  • Continued Website Maintenance – € 500 a year and up (depending on number/type of updates required)
  • Marketing Your Website Online – € 750 a month and up

Web Design Services

Design service packages are designed to give us a basic price which include linked pages, custom graphic designing, personal attention and always a willingness to address all your website needs.

  • Web Presence Package €300 1-3 Pages Example: Home, About, Contact Us
  • Basic Web Package €600 Up to 5 pages Example: Home, About, Contact, Photos, News
  • Commercial Web Package €1300 Up to 10 pages
  • Elite Web Package   Due to so many variants let’s talk to get an estimate cost for you.
  • This package will contain over 10 pages and may include such add-ins as e-commerce, database, custom programming, inventory tracking and other custom needs, etc.

Any package above may consider utilizing extra web design services that we offer such as:

Inventory management, custom program scripting, database, photography,

input forms, audio, video, image enhancements, animations, etc.

Once your site is designed it needs to be maintained to keep it available on the Internet.

We can manage that for you.

We are happy to continue supporting your web services after the design.


For a mutually beneficial relationships we feel responsible with our services for your website activity.

We can suggest to continue with our hosting control so you have more time available for our working relationships towards our agreed goal setting.

We are not to be held responsible in a any way for your website activity or usability should you host it outside our hosting control.

For that reason we recommend you select one of our management options offered below:


  • €20 month + a yearly domain name renewal fee of €35
  • plus a one time €50.00 setup fee (set up fee waived with any new systems web design package)
  • We provide the account, supply ID & password so you can manage your own site as you like.
  • Or we will manage your site at any time you need it changed at €60 per hour (min. 1/2 hr.)
  • 200MB disc space, 10 email accounts
  • On line Control Center to manage your site
  • Upload and maintain your own website 24/7
  • Get basic systems tech support through e-mail from our IT network
  • Get systems web design ala cart at €60 p/hr minimum 1/2 hour charge.
  • Get systems custom programming, scripting etc €85 per hour

Web Site Management

  • €80 month No setup fee
  • FREE HOSTING  on our server
  • up to 2 hours custom design/edit billed time  ( €120 value – )
  • Examples:
  • Straightforward newsletter in .pdf format
  • simple text edits and text/artwork additions
  • photo replacement or uncomplicated new custom graphic work
  • announcements
  • minor photography
  • new or replaced pages
  • e-mail management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • weekly/monthly activity reports
  • Initial and periodic search engine submission*
  • Domain registration renewal included yearly

V.I.P. Web Site Management

  • €250 month No setup fee
  • FREE HOSTING  on our server
  • Same as Managed hosting plus up to 10 Hours custom design/edit time (€600 value)

This might include such items as:

  • Customized  newsletter pages
  • frequent content changes
  • more complex text edits and text/artwork additions
  • photo replacement or detailed new custom graphic work
  • announcements
  • social media management
  • photography
  • e-mail management
  • e-store
  • database etc.

We will be happy to go over your ideas and work up a custom VIP Management package tailored to your needs.

Please  Mail us for more information.All WebSite Management packages require a minimum 6 month commitment.

If the client submits a request that is estimated to go over or exceed the inclusion of any package, they will be provided an estimate and asked for confirmation to continue with the task.

* Search Engine submission: Although we will submit and make continuous efforts to get your site listed near the top of major search engine,

We can not guarantee its ranking placement as that’s out of our control.

although is not so important nowadays compared to many other forms of being found online

But through various development techniques, repeated submissions, and time, we can improve the chances for your site to be found during a search.

This information is only for our business partners or clients!

we do not make website for any one

without any form of partnerships


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