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Private Placement Program Outline (PPP – O)



We have special privileged access to one of our Traders for an exclusive

Private Placement Program (PPP)


Currently there are limited slots available and trade will commence as soon client has passed through the Due Diligence and deliver the required collateral

We Work Only With The

World’s Largest Banks 

Following are the largest banks in the world ranked by market capitalization.

With more than ……………………………….click here

This PPP will be executed by a Tier 1 Platform, the most and only regulated and fully protected Platform(s) in the world works only with MT760 or an administrative hold for Blocked funds.

Depending of which bank client has his funds, we can make a program for one year and one month, obtaining 100% of capital invested as minimal profit,

Our Trader opens an account at (one of the biggest German banks), which shall transfer the funds to enroll into trading program.

The blocked of funds is a simple Administrative Hold, so that neither the client nor the bank nor the Trader can move those funds during the duration of the program.

Clients  can enroll with capital amount that range from  € 2Mln up to 99Mln.

Duration of the program: 14 months, with possibility of extension to 4 years.

Guaranteed minimum gross revenues: 100%/ month

The revenues received by each month will be immediately available, deposited in the same bank and other account, or in another country and bank the client wants.

This special program has a limited period for client acceptance. Once the Total program quota has been accomplished the bank and trader will not accepted new clients with this capital range.

Compliance procedure.

  1. Pre-due diligence, to see if the client can be accepted to enter this regulated trade.
  2. The client will present himself to the platform (Program Director) with a full CIS package and all bank papers (Tear sheet and BCL, not older than 5 banking days).
  3. Once the client is approved he will be invited to an exclusive interview with an international regulator. If this interview is successful, the regulator will instruct the trading bank to open a new bank account in the trader’s bank (one of the biggest German banks) and invite the Client to inspect the bank account by a private meeting in the bank office, with the appointed bank officer.
  4. The client will inspect the bank account and procure that the beneficiary ownership is solely by the client.
  5. The client will instruct his bank to transfer the funds to his new bank account in the trader’s bank.
  6. Client will be invited to sign a blocking letter (saying that the account will be not touched for a period of 13 months and will be not encumbered).
  7. After signing the blocking bank letter, the client will be invited to sign the trade contract.
  8. The next Monday (bank day) the trade will start.

The platform will use its own funds to trade.

The funds will never move from the account of the client and will never be in anyone else’s control, other than the Client.


Here you find a brief Compliance Document about the sucred and save

Private Placement Program Information Request (PPP – IR)

Performed by several Trader we are connected with.

Private Placement Program Information Request (PPP – IR)

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