Rebuilding & Investing In The Dark Melanated Ecosystem



Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates as

“Go back and get it” (san – to return; ko – to go; fa – to fetch, to seek and take) and also refers to the Asante Adinkra symbol represented either by a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back, or as a stylised heart shape.

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We as Dark Melanated People, Race – Group, Afrakan/African In The Diaspora have endure many test, trials and in many ways strange to understand the reason why!

We have travel the world building civilizations and now looks like we are out of the game of global progress, especially the economic global progress.

Is true that the last test/trial have changed everything we stood up for, the living in harmony with the world and all his domains,

  • The Minerals.  
  • The Plants.
  • The Organic. (Humans and Animals)

Of Course a small group of people and Slavery are responsible for Dark Melanated People, Race – Group, Afrakan/African In The Diaspora current state

The same for the Pink Melanated people, race or group, the same small group of people and Slavery are responsible for their current state!

For the most of us!

We have gone from being the world leaders to following the imitators,

Now! looks and feel like!

All seems to be lost.

Some following the:

  • Religion pad looking for answers already answered
  • Alcohol, Hard Drugs pad and many other substance to escape the reality
  • Relationships deception pad, cause of not being informed enough or right, making more mes than finding that solution through the expectation of life stability
  • Organisation that are working on your weakness and you end up disappointed in themselves and stay stuck with it cause of many fear dominating their thoughts.
  • And many more we can keep going on and on.

There Are No Answers! or Nothing! That Are New Under The Sun!

Our Ancestors Understood This!

They Called Ourselves!

Children Of The Sun For A Reason!



We have decided to share our knowledge, experience and financial possibilities to bring our

Dark Melanated People, Race – Group, Afrakan/African In The Diaspora, from Individual, Organisations to Businesses that are willing and able:

  • Learn
  • Unlearn
  • Relearn

Dark Melanated People, Race – Group.

Remember This:

We are the solutions!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

We here @ Vermanser have;

  • Workshops
  • Training’s
  • Procedures
  • Financial Programs
  • Possibilities

To contribute with Rebuilding our;

Dark Melanated People, Race – Group.

Afrakan/African In The Diaspora.

From our part!

Get it starting and continue the drive with existing organisations for the same common cause!

We Have Build The Mircuts (Pyramids),

They Still Standing As Wonders Of The World!

Our Ancestors Are Reminding Us:






Dr. Claud Anderson – Guide Lines

Start Building Our:

  1. Community
  2. Trust between each other
  3. Cooperation between each other
  4. Accountable leaders

Building ourselves up like a 5 story building

The 5 levels to control in this Global economics and Capitalist Pyramid system.

  1. Economics.
  2. Politics
  3. Enforcement system         
  4. Media                
  5. Education             

Here We Introduce You



Dark Melanated Ecosystem Investment!



1) Program Purpose.

This program can be utilize to finance any kind legal business.

  • A) Start up
  • B) Corporate growth
  • C) Project funding
  • D) Trade financing
  • E) Acquisition
  • F) Strengthening the equity of your company,
  • G) Refinancing term loans,
  • H) Financing of the reorganization of your company.
  • I) As a strategic tool to attract potential investors
  • J) As a marketing tool to Promote the sales of your products.

2) Required Own Liquid Capital Amount

Required Capital amount Own liquid capital amount 3% up to 8% of the total financing amount with a minimum of 200k – 500k USD/Euro Otherwise a recently issued Bank Instrument from a prime rated world bank with a minimum FV 10M If you don’t have this Required Capital amount you are recommended to search for a potential seed investor.

3) Financing Arrangement

How the financing will be arranged? We work directly with providers of top rated bank instruments like Cash backed Bank Guaranties StandBy Letter of Credits, associated investors and financiers with whom we have a sound working relationship. This is an innovative and flexible financing which can be tailor made for 100 days up to 1 year for entrepreneurs, corporations worldwide who are seeking minimum financing amount of 5 up to 5Bln Euro’s/USD. Your capital amount will be utilize to pay the leasing fees of a BG/SBLC that will be issued by a prime rated world bank. This can be monetized by one of your investors/monetizers or one of our associated investors/monetizers. Depending on your capital amount needs the monetized capital amount can serve as collateral to enroll into a Private Placement Program to raise the total required capital amount.

4) Required Qualifying Documents

Required Qualifying documents To Qualify we will need the following up to date documents

  • A) Executive Project Summary indicating the total required financing amount
  • B) Proof of Funds (recent printout bank statement showing you have the Required own liquid Capital amount
  • C) Applicant with non criminal & non fraud practicing history with clean legally owned funds
  • D) Client Information Sheet along with valid scanned Passport Copy
  • E) Company Registration Documents
  • F) Company Board Resolution
  • G) Letter of request – addressed To: Artiqo financing Services.

5) Financial Arrangement  

How the financing will be arranged?

  • A)We evaluate your project prior to accepting an financing arrangement Inquiry.
  • B)We first review your qualifying docs.
  • C) If your business financing inquiry /project fits the most of our qualifying terms we will set up a call with you for personal acquaintance and to discuss your project and remaining questions.
  • D) If we are satisfied with the course of the call and decide to proceed we will send you a LOI.
  • E)We secure our compensation through a Fee Payment Agreement.
  • F) If required we will visit the site of your project personally based on the in advance agreed terms and conditions.
  • G) We keep supporting, guide you up to a successful final closing.

6) Program Benefits.

Benefits of this program

  • A ) No upfront or setup costs if client submit qualifying docs in the required format.
  • B) Simple non negotiable qualifying terms
  • C) Transparent non negotiable procedure
  • D) No personal or corporate guarantee required
  • E) Limited nearly Zero risk involved
  • F) Non recourse loan
  • G) All taxes are the responsibility of the Client /Signatory

Rebuilding The Dark Melanated Ecosystem

With Farsighted Vision


The most Dark Melanated communities are missing a suitable professional ecosystem with the purpose to promote their social economic development.

We believe that most Dark Melanated communities has growing wealthy group of individuals with sufficient capital resources available that can be wisely invested, great entrepreneurial capacity, and determined professionals, who deserve the recognition, support that they desires to enable them to grow their own opportunities, to improve their living standard.

Our mission.

We empower the growth of the Dark Melanated ecosystem to facilitate the financing of entrepreneurs-corporations, by facilitating investments in profitable Dark Melanated initiatives with the purpose to improve the social economic development of Dark Melanated communities worldwide by providing access to capital and management coaching to qualified opportunities.

We are dedicated to advanced the development of the Dark Melanated community ecosystem through the development new networks of influential investors.

By organizing; events, coaching, education, aggregating knowledge, experiences

What we do ?

1) Building a Dark Melanated ecosystem Network We aim to build a network of investors and wealthy experienced professionals who bring more than just capital on the table.

Who are Ready Willing Able to support our mission by sharing knowledge experiences to improve decision making create effective synergies leading to higher success rate of the endeavors .

2) Investor’s Development Professional investing in black enterprises-corporations-communities is a new market for which a suitable concept has to be developed. It should be noted that Investing is a risk full, adventure along with potential rewards.

Investing in Dark Melanated ecosystem might be a risky strategy especially for new potential investors.

Understanding the related risks involved is important as an investor to improve your capabilities for success and to create enduring new wealth.

We start with the basics, helping potential investors and wealthy professionals to establish their own investment fund, shaping their management qualities, recruiting, selection procedures and investment strategy, how to build a profitable portfolio.

3) Events Hosting.

We intend to regularly hosts events for our members consisting of potential investors and wealthy professionals, entrepreneurs corporations with solid business plans who are seeking financing.

We simplify the process for investors looking for opportunities ,We unite a diverse group of entrepreneurs corporations who are seeking financing to showcase their opportunities by creating a platform where investors can meet entrepreneurs/corporations with solid business ideas.

4) What you can expect as Potential investor ?

When investing in the  Dark Melanated ecosystem you are planting a seed. The tree will require time, careful attention to grow, to bear the fruits of which take time to ripen before it can be harvested. Investing should be made with an average investment horizon of 5 years. Unlike investment in other markets, when investing in  Dark Melanated ecosystem you’re not only investing in equipment, buildings, raw materials, products etc. More important is to realize that you are investing in people. Investing in   Dark Melanated ecosystem is foremost a partnership. Unlike other asset classes potential investors has great opportunity to influence the yield of their investments with a contribution that goes beyond their capital. By Investing in Dark Melanated ecosystem you are delivering a meaningful contribution by not only making money but more important to provide the resources that will improve the living standard of millions of people who will benefit here off. Beside that you will enjoy experiencing the endeavors you are supporting growing.

5) What do we expect from potential investor ?

Interested potential Investors need to have the minimum capital amount of 250.000 up to 50 Million USD/Euro and time required to invest within a short notice.

Apart from work with our company’s team, Potential Investors must also be ready willing able to cooperate with other investors to develop and share best practices, exchanging knowledge, opportunities & experiences to maximizes entrepreneurial potential.

6) What do we expect from entrepreneurs/corporations seeking financing ?

From entrepreneurs/corporations seeking financing we need their solid up to date

ready to finance business plan with a capable management team, specified

Investment budget, Profit/ loss statements, 3 years financial projections.

Motivated investment Proposal.






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