I Need Stand By Letter of Credit to Secure The Financing



BG/SBLC Discount purchase or leasing  from Top rated European Bank


Discount purchasing price is 45 +2%  Leasing Price is 10+2 %

Minimum Amount is 30M USD/ Euro

Posted on Euro Clear with call option


Conditions and Procedure to Issue Instrument Section

  1. Borrower or Buyer issue the official Letter of Application/Intent on the letterhead indicating the type of instrument needed, the amount, the receiving bank name and address, the purpose of the instrument or brief of the use of the instrument and a bank document showing the cash amount available to purchase or lease the instrument.
  2.  The Bank within two [2] banking day of receiving the Buyer or Borrower’s Letter of Application/Intent along with Proof Of Funds to purchase or lease the instrument will issues the Bank Letter of Offer, indicating preparedness to issue the instrument and mode of delivery with time frame.
  3. Borrower or Buyer within two [2] banking day of receiving the Bank Letter of Offer will sign this part of Agreement and submit CIS [Client Information Sheet or KYC] which consist of Passport copy, Board of Resolution, Bank coordinate and copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Bank Manager will review and submit the signed Agreement and supporting document for the signature of the authorized officer.
  5. The Bank within two [2] banking day will issue, establish and host the Instrument on Interbank Screens, Euroclear Screen and Bloomberg Screen marking the Borrower or the Buyer the Beneficiary and provide 22 pages of the screen copies to the Portfolio Manager to forward to the Borrower or the Buyer to check the instrument on Screen using the ISIN and other codes.
  6. The Buyer or the Borrower Within two [2] banking day of the instrument been hosted on the Euroclear and interbank screens will pay 0.05 Per Cent % call-option fee (Amount of XXX )to reserve the Instrument and to receive the MT799 Bank Pre-advise and Instrument by MT760.
  7. In the same manner, and once the 0.05 Per Cent % is paid by the Borrower or Buyer and payment is confirm to the bank by the Portfolio Manager the Bank in One [1] Banking day will send Swift Message by MT799 advising the receiving Bank of the instrument and in the same vein the receiving Bank will reply to confirm preparedness to receive the Instrument and the bank in not less than 1 Banking day will deliver the Instrument by Swift Message MT760.
  8. Within Five [5] banking days upon receipt and authentication of the Instrument MT-760, Buyer or Borrower will make Payment of 44.95 or 9.95 Per Cent % by unconditional MT103 wire transfer to the Portfolio Manager’s provided transaction bank account.

“Event of Default”

On no events, situations or circumstances should any party default this Agreement. The default charge on this Agreement is 5% of the Instrument Value.

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