Service Charge Cost



Service Charge Cost   

Point of Interest



As we intermediate for you! (our client!) between our networks, partners and the providers, it will consume time and risks.

We all know that time = money and there is always risks involved.  The risk is that for any reason life might have, that you are not Ready, Willing  to follow the required  procedure to enable a successful ending of the transaction and that’s why our;

  • Service  Charge Cost
  • Point of Interest
  • Success fee


Service  Charge Cost

Which is a reasonable  mostly  refundable sum amount that would be agreed with the client, payable upon accepting and starting with the execution of the related tasks.

The handling of  your  enquiry  will be done in a professional manner  along with the related costs


  • Counselling,
  • Overhead,
  • Underwriting,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Consultancy,
  • Traveling & residing,
  • and so on …………….

Out of pocket costs might be involved.

Our policy is to limit these costs to be paid by the client as small as possible.

Based on your requirements and the nature of your needs, we will recommend,  present, arrange, the best suitable  business solutions  for our customers.

However we will endeavour to limit those costs for our services,  It is not realistic expecting to acquire millions for free;  without any commitment, without spending a penny, or with an empty pocket.


Point of Interest

Discipline is the key to a lot of accomplishment in life, sometime we can forget something and that’s human, but in business is not affordable, either for the owner, employees  or the client, that’s why we like to stay on the pad of discipline and agreement to handle your request right.

if you have;

  • Check our website and understood the info!
  • the right papers/document ready!

That will save both of us  time and will enable an efficient operation.

but if by any reason we have to do a lot of unnecessary work because of your negligent

it will cost us and delay your request, for that we like to call it point of interest.

  • the more organised and ready you are the less it will cost you,
  • the more negligent you are with and for yourself ? it will cost you more

And don’t forget the risk. the risk that our work is for free, after you! (our client!) can not fulfill for any reason life might have? it is a luxury we can not afford! neither will you! if you were in our shoes in other words! don’t talk about want to do this with us, put your money where your mouth is,


Success Fee

To limit the risks for our customers we mainly provide our services on a success fee basis.  Success fee means an upfront agreement that we will be profitably compensated only upon successful accomplishment of the contracted  services, handling of the transaction.  Mostly  the success fee will be included and deducted from the revenues, arranged financing amount. In some cases  investor, financier demand that the success fee has to be paid out of the client’s own resources.


Quotation request

You are welcome  as our valued customer and can expect a professional service against reasonable terms and conditions. Please feel free to ask for our quotation.

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